21-24 October 2019
Singapore, Sheraton Towers Singapore Hotel
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Multi Stream Conference

Tailor-make your own programme by selecting from any of these streams over Day One and Day Two:

Stream 1: Talent 4.0

In this stream we will focus on how to boost leadership skills in the millennial workforce as well as the requirement to have hybrid skills. This will help organisations in the region to navigate their digital transformation journey. We will also look at how to recruit the best talent using the most efficient methods. We also aim to look at ways to increase and implement workplace diversity and inclusion by utilizing more reliable hiring tools that will identify and remove the existing bias in its hiring process.

Stream 2: Employee Engagement & Experience

This stream will explore how to create an exemplary workplace culture and to foster employee engagement. It will discover ways to enable workforce empowerment and actively build organisational framework to match current human capital trends. We will also look at encouraging employers to view subsidising training costs and professional development for employees as an investment in human capital. Furthermore, companies need to invest in physical and mental wellness programs for employees to ensure optimum performance and maximum engagement.

Stream 3: Digital HR & Transformation

This stream looks at ways in which organisations can rethink their HR strategies in light of large-scale digitalization and smart technology implementation. It will also look at ways to expand agile principles and techniques throughout the enterprise and implementing business agility in groups outside of IT, particularly in HR. Learn how the emerging technological tool, augmented analytics is geared to offer HR the ability to analyze people data in a more user-friendly way and arrive at deeper insights.

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