19-22 October 2020
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
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Multi Stream Conference

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Stream 1: Talent Optimisation & Employee Experience

In this stream we will focus on how to boost leadership skills in the millennialworkforce as well as the requirement to have hybrid skills. This will helporganisations in the region to navigate their digital transformation journey.We will also look at how to recruit the best talent using the most efficientmethods. We will also explore how to create an exemplary workplaceculture to foster employee engagement. It will discover ways to enableworkforce empowerment and actively build organisational frameworkto match current human capital trends. Furthermore, companies need toinvest in physical and mental wellness programme for employees to ensureoptimum performance and maximum engagement.

Stream 2: Digital HR & Transformation

During lockdown organisations have become even more reliant on technologyin order to enable their employees to work from home effectively. There hasbeen a huge demand for computing equipment, external monitors and veryimportantly, video conferencing platforms so teams can communicate andcollaborate on a regular basis. This has caused HR teams to accelerate theirdigital transformation strategy within their business. As an increased relianceon technology has allowed many businesses to run effectively, we can becertain it’s well and truly here to stay. With further advances and improvementsin, companies will be confident to integrate this into their workflow to aid theirteams further. This stream looks at ways in which organisations can rethinktheir HR strategies in light of large-scale digitalisation and smart technologyimplementation. It will also look at ways to expand agile principles andtechniques throughout the enterprise and implementing business agility ingroups outside of IT, particularly in HR. Learn how the emerging technologicaltools, augmented analytics are geared to offer HR the ability to analyse peopledata in a more user-friendly way and arrive at deeper insights.

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